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Roses / Foto: Teresa Grau (CC)
The Day of Sant Jordi (Saint George), patron saint of Catalonia, is a celebration that over the years has acquired an activist tone for Catalan culture. It is also the day of the those in love, the Saint Valentine typical of the Catalans.
La plaça Sant Jaume plena a vessar durant una jornada de castells
In addition to its rich heritage, Barcelona and Catalonia in general, have important cultural traditions that we invite you to discover. Centuries of history have shaped festivals, traditions and popular celebrations that are still deeply rooted in the territory and its people today. We want to share this with all those who visit us! Currently, the health crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus prevents us from celebrating our festivities in normal circumstances; however, we hope that very soon we will be able to celebrate again as we have always done.